Mark W. Wood
Producer, Director, University Instructor, Recording Engineer, Studio/Live Musician Download Mark W. Woods Resume

For more than 25 years, I have been providing top quality media production to clientele across the country and around the world. My fully
equipped production studio offers it's clients projects ranging from award wining radio and television advertising to video documentaries and
training DVDs, 3D animations, websites, interactive titles and digitally produced music recording projects.
My lecture and workshop training experience includes teaching at several of the national graphics
trade shows as well as international shows like Seybold Seminars Tokyo. I've taught several
multimedia courses at the Dynamic Graphics Educational Foundation and the US Army War
College before becoming a professor at Bradley University where I assisted in developing and
teaching the advanced level multimedia authoring courses for their Multimedia degree program.
Click here to view the Bradley University Interactive Department website

From game designs and product demo CDs to multi-language interactive product samplers,
“how-to” magazines on CD-ROM, to original musical scores for broadcast and DVDs, my
productions have been honored by Macromedia and ranked as some of the top titles in the
category of Educational New Media. They've been displayed in multimedia galleries in San
Francisco and have been awarded an “Editor's Choice” from MacUser Magazine.

I've produced CDs and DVDs for health education organizations, interactive presentations and
brochures for large and small businesses and touch screen kiosks for civic centers, shopping
malls, universities and graphics tradeshows across the United States, just to name a few.

My level of knowledge and experience allows me to offer a wide range of production options.
I look forward to working with you and your company to help provide dynamic content that will
grab people's attention and get your message seen and heard.